An approved application is required for any new roofing, replacement, or repair (if repair includes changes to the existing color or composition of materials).

All roofing materials shall be wood shingles or shakes, #1 grade, per city code.  
Rolled roofing maybe used on dormers if the roof pitch is less than 4” x 12"
The Board will not approve flat roofs on any structures.
Laminated composition shingles may be used in OAK TREE FARM if they meet the following guidelines and have written approval from the Board prior to being ordered or installed.
a. Architectural shingles with shadow lines or relief which imitate a wood shingle or
shake in appearance.
b. Installed with metal valleys and flashing.
c. Installed with preformed ridge shingles.
d. Must have appearance and color range of natural weathered cedar shingles or
e. Required to be placed on solid decking or over #1 grade wood shingles (not shakes).
f. Must be Class A fire rated.
g. Must have a 30 year or more warranty

As with all project applications, residents are encouraged to review the OTF declaration of restrictions to ensure that their proposed project is in compliance and to reach out to the OTF Board for any clarification.
All applications should be submitted to the board for approval at least 10 days prior to planned start date.  The Board recommends that residents do not purchase any project materials until their application has been approved in case these materials cannot be returned.

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