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As with all project applications, residents are encouraged to review the OTF declaration of restrictions to ensure that their proposed project is in compliance and to reach out to the OTF Board for any clarification.

All applications should be submitted to the board for approval at least 10 days prior to planned start date.  The Board recommends that residents do not purchase any project materials until their application has been approved in case these materials cannot be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does my project need an application?

Yes, unless your project is one that has been explicitly stated as not requiring an application, any work you plan to do should be submitted. This helps the Board to be informed of any work being done in the neighborhood if there are any questions raised.

 Why do I need to get approval?

The application and approval process is there ensure that the member approved restrictions are not violated, to protect the property values, and preserve the harmony of the neighborhood. The Board takes pride in seeing these standards enforced as reasonably, and with as little burden on the residents, as possible.

 Which application should I submit?

We have split the applications by project to better capture the details required for each type. If you are not sure which one to use, you can reach out to the Board for clarification or submit the General/Construction application. If you project spans multiple types, we encourage you to submit one for each as this can speed the approval process since each application can be voted on individually by the Board and one will not be held up by questions about another.

Where/How do I submit my application?

Applications and required supporting documentation, may be printed and dropped in lock box at the Clubhouse (501 NE Clubhouse Drive) or submitted via email to

 What if I don't get approval for my project?

Failure to get approval for a project may result in a one time $500 fine per occurrence.

 So I can just pay the one time fine and do what I want?

No, if your project is in violation of the restrictions covenants, you will be subject to recurring fines until the violation is corrected and, in extreme cases, could be subject to legal action.

 My application was rejected, now what?

The restrictions coordinator will do their best to communicate the feedback from the board, but if you still have questions or would like to discuss options it is highly encouraged that you attend a Board meeting or reach out to the Board via email for clarity.

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