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Paint Brushes


An approved application is required for any application of paint to the exterior of your home.  Limited touch-ups as needed are permitted without an application as long as there is no change to the existing colors. 

An approved application is required for any new siding as well as repair/replacement of existing siding if the repair or replacement includes a modification of the materials used (color or composition).

Applications should include a single color for the exterior, a single color for trim, and a single color for accents (such as window shutters or entry/garage doors).

Keep in mind that previous approval by the board, of a specific house color, is not a guarantee of current or future board approval.

You can submit this online form, or you can print the downloadable form below. 

If submitting a printed copy,
you can send a copy to or put it in the mailbox at the front door of the Clubhouse.

As with all project applications, residents are encouraged to review the OTF declaration of restrictions to ensure that their proposed project is in compliance and to reach out to the OTF Board for any clarification. All applications should be submitted to the board for approval at least 10 days prior to planned start date.  The Board recommends that residents do not purchase any project materials until their application has been approved in case these materials cannot be returned.

Questions regarding your project or application can be submitted to

Paint/Siding Application

Provide color samples code name/numbers + attach preferred swatch sample(s)

Accent type
Upload File

If you would like to include an image of your color selections, please use the upload box!

Thank you for submitting your application

For Internal Use Only
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